Our air taxi offers a safe and reliable alternative to the hassles of commercial airlines and endless hours of driving.

In this 2 minute overview, we show you the ease and convenience of using an Air Taxi.

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How Air Taxi works

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    Truly a time machine. On a day trip we can visit several clients in different cities all over California and be home for dinner. No more endless driving, no more hotel overnights. // Amanda from Gilroy
    Magic Carpet
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    The one thing I can’t create more of is time. I can fly from Palo Alto to a job site in Sacramento and be back in a few hours. That's a task that used to take all day. // Stewart from Los Altos
    Huge Time Saver
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    I fly to Southern California a couple of times per month for hearings, mediations, etc. The best part of using the plane is being able to fly back immediately afterward. // Todd from San Francisco
    SoCal Shuttle
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    The Cirrus SR22 seating is very comfortable. And knowing that the airplane's parachute is available in case of an emergency is very calming to nervous flyers. // Stephanie from Merced
    The Plane With The Parachute
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    Wonderful flight from Palo Alto to Truckee airport! We beat hours of holiday weekend traffic and arrived refreshed instead of frustrated and exhausted. Incredible time saver. // Ben from Novato
    Perfect to Tahoe

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